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Last year, Women of Grace® launched it's newest Study Program, "Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity." This life changing program teaches girls what it means to be a daughter of God, how to discern purpose and mission in the world, and to find true fulfillment.

-What are our girls up against?
-Rampant teenage sex and out of wedlock pregnancy rates
-STD's at epidemic levels
-Violence in schools
-Sexualization of our culture
-The radical LGBTQ agenda in schools
-Broken families and marriages
-Many of our girls don't know who they are and that is why Young Women of Grace exists.

We continue to grow our outreach to girls through Young Women of Grace Study Program in parishes and dioceses around the globe. Please help us to continue to reach young girls with the message of their authentic feminine vocation through your prayers and gifts of support. It is my firm hope that together we can help to safeguard the spiritual and moral future of our daughters through the Young Women of Grace study program. 

In His Service,
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Johnnette Benkovic
Founder and President
Women of Grace® / Living His Life Abundantly®
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